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Ukraine gay marriage agency Gay Amour opened new branch in Uman, Ukraine International gay marriage agency Gay Amour located in Cherkassy, Central Ukraine opened a new branch, situated in Uman, famous town for Jewish gay pilgrims. Now the agency already features Uman boys with photos at

April 22, 2017 -- Gay Amour international gay matchmaker is glad to inform that now customers can meet not only Russian and Ukrainian boys from Cherkassy but also beautiful boys from Uman, where recently Gay Amour gay marriage agency opened a new branch.

Stas Naumenko Stas Naumenko (photo), manager of Gay Amour tells, "Uman is a beautiful town situated in Cherkassy Region of Ukraine. It is quite a famous city which population grows up drastically from 90.000 to 130.000 people thanks to Jewish pilgrims to Rebbe Nachman's grave. It is historical, cultural and religious center of Ukraine. It is famous for its handsome and masculine Ukrainian boys. The Jewish pilgrims know it for sure.

Gay Amour provides gay tours to Uman located 210 km far from Kyiv and all gay dating services for boys in Uman also. We are already featuring lots of profiles of Uman gay boys at with photos and descriptions. We are looking forward to expanding our services to other cities and towns of Ukraine in the nearest future," -- concludes Stas Naumenko.


Gay Amour is an international marriage & dating agency offering assistance to Western men seeking serious relationships with women from Ukraine.

Uman is full of Jewish pilgrims

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