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Pros and Cons of Dating an Ukrainian Gay Boy

Pros and Cons of Dating an Ukrainian Gay Boy

Sometimes European and American gay guys are afraid to approach gay boys from Ukraine. But there's nothing to worry about; a Slavic male beauty would be glad to have a chat with you if he finds you interesting. Sure, about 25 years ago, a gay boy from Ukraine was a mystery for Western gay men, but things have dramaticaly changed since then. There are a lot of articles on the web that can guide you through Ukrainian gay boys' peculiarities and explain how to get an Ukrainian life partner.

Before proceeding to the article itself, let's start with the basics. As you know, Ukrainian cultural aspects don't have much in common with Western ones; they're a lot different. But who would've dreamed of Ukrainian gay boys for life partnership if they were completely the same as other gay boys from around the world? If it wasn't for their unique personalities, they weren't so popular among Western gay men. But the thing is that you need to learn at least something about their background, culture and values before starting to date them. There is no way you can succseed without it!

Below you can find the list of reasons why you should consider dating an Ukrainian gay boy and why you shouldn't. Read them to find out if a date with a Slavic gay boy is worth all that time and money you're going to spend.

Five reasons to find an Ukrainian partner

Let's start with the main advantages that Ukrainian gay boys for life partnership have over their Western counterparts.

1) There's no better life partner than an Ukrainian gay boy

It's the first and main reason why you should consider dating an Ukrainian gay boy in the first place. Basically, all these gay boys want from this life is a loving and devoted partner. Once they have this, they need nothing more. A lot of Slavic gay boys are ready to give up all they love and quit their jobs to become housekeepers. Such devotion comes directly from Ukrainian cultural aspects, according to which, family is the only happiness a human may achieve.

2) You can forget about housemaids

Apart from being devoted partner, Ukrainian boys also great at housekeeping and know their way around the kitchen. The first thing that Ukrainian boys learn, after starting to walk, is cooking. Then they learn how to keep the house clean. And only after those things, they learn other useless stuff, like how to talk and count. In Ukraine, such occupations as a maid or servant are not in demand simply because Ukrainians can handle all these duties on their own. No wonder why Western gay men are so eager to meet an Ukrainian boy. All those skills they possess are simply priceless.

3) Most Ukrainian gay boys are highly educated

In contrast to gay boys from other countries, Ukrainian gay boys are well educated, not to mention their rich inner world. Most of those Slavic male beauties from gay marriage agencies speak decent English, and some of them may know a couple more foreign languages. Besides, they are open to something new. So if you always wanted someone to share your thoughts on something more interesting than weather and noisy neighbors, you should find an Ukrainian boy for life.

4) Ukrainian gay boys care about their family

Ukrainian guys usually stick to traditional views. In their opinion, a Western partner is a leader of a family, providing for it and keeping it safe, while his boy is busy with house chores. Such approach is pretty rare these days in Western world.

Today, most people choose quite different way of life, obtaining education and building their careers. There's nothing wrong with that. But Ukrainian gay boys still remain loyal to their traditions and always put a partnership in the first place in their lives.

5) Most gay boys from Ukraine are modest and simple

Those hot Ukrainian guys, you see on the sites of Ukraine gay marriage agencies, are humble in real life and know how to treat their special men. An Ukrainian gay boy will do whatever it takes to keep the partnership from falling apart. Saving their LTR is the main priority to them, so they are ready for any compromise. They need a very serious reason to break up with their second halfs.

For them, love and romance play a distinguishing role in relationships. So if an Ukrainian gay boy fell in love with you, be sure that he's with you for good. As long as you treat him nice, of course.

The cons of dating Ukrainian gay boys

1) You may come across cultural and language barriers             

It's the most obvious reason why a lot of sexy Ukrainian boys still are unreachable for foreigners. They literally can't find the common language with each other. But this problem is getting less noticeable in recent years. Today, most Ukrainian gay cuties, registered on the sites of gay marriage agencies, can speak English. Additionally Ukraine gay marriage agencies themselves provide features, like translators, that help users understand each other, even though boys are not good at foreign languages. But still, be ready that your companion won't be able to keep a sophisticated conversation going. But at least you have a great opportunity to learn a couple of Ukrainian words to yell at your friends.

2) Online dating is not the best way to start relationships

A good old private face-to-face conversation is still the best way to get to know someone better. The thing is that online dating doesn't allow you to do that, so there could be anyone chatting with you, and the only way to find if the gay boy you met on the web is real is to see him for yourself. Sure, there are a lot of different features like online video chats on the sites of Ukraine gay marriage agencies, but they're not cheap. Anyway, no matter for how long you've been chatting with your Ukrainian companion, the only way to find out if you fit each other is to go on a real date. And it also can be pretty costly, considering that you're gonna have to cross the half of the globe to meet your boy.

3) With such a beauty by your side, it's easy to become jealous

It's a kind of problem that no one notices until it's too late. As you know, Ukrainian gay boys are handsome and beautiful. And they can't hide their beauty from other gay men. It's simply impossible to walk by an attractive guy and not cast a look at him.

You probably did it hundreds of times yourself. But there's even more: most gay boys from Ukraine have a completely different sense of style, comparing to Western gays. The way they dress makes sure that they don't remain unnoticed. On the other hand, as mentioned above, gay boys from Ukraine are loyal, so you can be sure that he won't prefer some other guy to you.

4) Keeping long-distance relationships going is tough

Considering that you met your Ukrainian boy online, there may be times when you'll have to maintain your relationship while being thousands of miles away from each other. To keep your fire of love burning, you need to hold on to those things that brought both of you together in the first place. And there should be a couple of traits; otherwise, there's no reason to keep your relationship going, as it will start dragging you down at some point. In other words, if you start dating a gay from Ukraine, be ready for a challenge. But at least it's worth the trouble.

How can you overcome the drawbacks of dating Ukrainian gay boys?

Every couple faces different challenges throughout their relationship. This doesn't depend only on specific cultural gaps, however, you should know “your enemy” and be well aware of all the possible ways to overcome the problems on the road to happiness.

1. Arisen problems with a language barrier

Everyone knows that a language barrier cannot spoil the romantic relationship, but it can bring many difficulties in the future when the first passion is slightly tempered. What should you do when you date an Ukrainian guy and you face this challenge? First, you should understand that this happens due to self-doubt in a situation that demands to speak a foreign language. Your boy may know the language quite well, but he doesn't have enough speech practice. You know that the grammar knowledge and a tolerable vocabulary are just a part of success. If you want to help improve his language, practice speaking as much as possible, using the entire phrases.

Don't allow a language barrier to become a stumbling block in dating Ukrainian guys. Most of the gay boys in Ukraine speak some foreign language, especially English, on the primary level, so they need just more practice with a person who can speak fluently. The more practice you have, the faster he stops looking for each word in his memory and just starts talking. When you overcome this barrier together, you will become even closer to each other.

2. When you are dating an Ukrainian gay boy

Don't perceive gay marriage agencies as a usual dating or even a relationship. The gay marriage agency can provide a perfect opportunity to find a gay boy who will be similar to you in his world vision, but it is only a means of taking into account your main requirements for the future partner. Such gay dating saves your time and helps communicate with many different gay boys at once. However, if you start communicating much closer with some guy, don't limit your relationship to emails, you should better ask him for a real date. Gay marriage agency like any other mediator with gay boys from Ukraine can turn out to be either a big disappointment or a great happiness and success. It's not only about a way to get to know Ukrainian boys, it is also about your readiness to have an Ukrainian partner, to face all the challenges and to share all the happy moments that will be in your future life.

If you dream about dating an Ukrainian gay boy just because you consider him to be some kind of exoticism and a good variant for silly one-night stand, you should better choose someone else.

3. Jealousy on your part

It's a common problem of a big part of men who have managed to win the heart of a boy. If you decide to start dating an Ukrainian guy, deal with your problematic feature before it's not too late. Jealousy is a sign of constant self-doubt, suspicion and mistrust. About what healthy relationship you can dream or talk if you don't trust your partner? If your gay boy is handsome and beautiful, it is a great reason to improve your self-esteem and be proud of him. It's a reason to show other men that he is your partner, hugging him gently or walking hand in hand in your country.

If you want to keep your relationship at a romantic level and see his admiration all the time, just love him. Show your attitude, treating him like a prince and make efforts to become his one and only. Everything is in your hands, especially taking into account the fact that Ukrainian gay boys are very loyal partners.

4. Long-distance relationship

When you live on the different continents, it can be difficult to keep your relationship at the same level. However, if you know each other quite well and decide to be together, use all the possible ways to maintain your relationship. Sometimes it is hard, but real love is worth all the efforts. Ordinary people have honeymoon only once when you have a unique opportunity to revive the feelings of endless love and tenderness. Try to meet more often, choose some third country or a city to spend an amazing weekend together, try not to sort out your problems if you are not at arm's length, write each other sweet words each morning and make surprises. Do your best to cope with different challenges and start living together.

In conclusion

These were the main Ukrainian boys' peculiarities that you should be aware of. At least now you know what to expect from relationships with them. It's up to you to decide what to do with all those information. After all, everyone has their shortcomings, but Ukrainian gay boys possess a lot of unique qualities to cover theirs. So why not give it a try?

Pros and Cons of Gay Dating an Ukrainian Boy

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